Thursday, September 22, 2011

I Deserve a Break Today

I am putting off working for my writing job in order to write this post. It amazes me how I could love writing so much, yet be so reluctant to do it. I have recently decided to take on a huge new writing job and am trying to decide how to budget my time.

It's important to me (and to everyone, I think), to find a balance between work and play. I feel like the past few weeks all I've done is work. Even things I normally enjoy, like taking a walk or going to the dog park, become chores when I am trying to squeeze them in on top of work.

Of course, I am glad to be working and don't want to change anything in that regard. I just want to put the fun back in my fun activities.

Does anyone else ever feel like a work and obligation machine? If so, how can we combat this? Today I'm thinking I am going to take my own advice and write for pleasure instead of profit.

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