Sunday, November 6, 2011

Appreciating the moment without Smoking

Now, I am not going to turn this into a blog about quitting smoking, even though it is consuming my mind right now. There are plenty of blogs and information out there for those who want to quit, and I don't think those of you who never smoked want to hear me complain for the next few months (or years - could it be?) that I want a cigarette.

 I will say it's been about 72 hours since I smoked, and I still feel like I could slap my mom for a cigarette. Don't worry, Mom, I wouldn't really hurt you, but this does lead me to other thoughts.

It's amazing how much time my addiction took up. Whenever I didn't have something to do, I smoked. Now, I find myself bored a lot. I am pretty sure this is a matter of cultivating new habits, but it brings up something I'd like to share with you.

How many moments of the day do we spend wishing we were doing something else? I know personally my count is up to about 50 billion. Maybe we could spend less time wishing we were doing something else and more time enjoying what we are actually doing. In other words, we could change the ways we spend our time or learn to appreciate the moment, not matter what is occupying us.

I think this habit would be soooo beneficial and want to practice is more myself. I find focusing on the breathe helps me when I can remember to do it. What helps you appreciate the moment?

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  1. I know my situation is pretty different from yours, but I identify with what you're saying here so much! In the past, my "addiction" was worrying and it's taken me years to start to kick it. I've found that focusing on my past and realizing that most of the things I worry myself to death about never happen (or do happen in some form but are dealt with appropriately) helps me appreciate the aspects of my life that should be taken in strides, not worried about. There's soooo much in my life at this very instant that I could tear myself to shreds obsessing over, but I prefer to just take the time to enjoy them.