Tuesday, June 28, 2011

How to prepare for an interview

Good news today. I am scheduled for an interview for Friday. Now the trick is to get ready. I know to read up on the company before I go in there. (I found that out the hard way- I went to an interview and was asked if I'd looked at the company's website, and I had to say no. Yikes!) Also, I now have a blazer I wear to job interviews. Several years ago I went to a job interview on a hot summer day in a sleeveless dress and was told I looked "unprofessional." In addition to my on-the-spot training, I also will use a few ideas I have learned through books or word of mouth. I am going to make a copy of my resume with my new married name on it, and I have a portfolio of all the things I've written that I am going to bring. I will even update it with some of the articles I've been writing recently. Finally, I'm going to figure out where it is the building is the day before so I don't get lost Friday morning. Can anyone think of other good tips on how to prepare for a writing job interview?

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