Thursday, October 27, 2011

Getting Personal - on and offline!

Wow! I never would have expected the differences in opinion that would arise from my decision to change my blog into a more personal account of being a 30 ish woman in the Western U.S. Some of you were all for it, while others had reservations. Be certain I took all responses into consideration, but I got more pageviews than ever before when I wrote about changing my content. Is that a hint?
So, Here's my first "new" blog.

I went to my meditation group last night (in the snow) at the local Buddhist center. I am not Buddhist, but I am a fan of meditation, and these guys have got it down. Plus, they are kind enough not to mind the fact that I go to church elsewhere. After we meditate in a sitting position, we do walking meditation on the sparkling honey pine floors.( How do they get their floors so clean? I guess cleaning is a way to Enlightenment for some, though if you check out my earlier blogs, you will know, I am generally not a big fan. I just try to keep away any large globs of dirt).

 Anyways, we had discussion after walking meditation and then some social time. I met some really nice people, and this raised a question for me - being new in town, what's the best way to turn aquaintances into friends. I will admit I'm clueless, as making friends came naturally when I was in school. You just had to offer to share your PBR.

Now, with work and families and ever increasing schedules, it seems we have less time to cultivate friendships that do not take place over the Internet. Does anyone else have this problem? Does anyone else have solutions?


  1. Friendships are part of the fabric of life. I don't believe there's a blueprint for how to live life. I don't believe there's a blueprint for how to develop friendships. We each have different expectations out of what we want from our friends...emotional support during times of personal crisis,companionship,fun to be around. I don't know that a true friendship has to be hard to germinate; reciprocal,yes. It should flow naturally and is as rare as a snowflake or the Mona Lisa!

  2. I get easily overwhelmed and can become introverted if I start thinking "I don't have any friends." That became especially apparent when I moved to a new city. I started by finding stuff I liked to do and then would ask a neighbor or co-worker to join me. Those were the only people I had interaction with at first. Some turned me down, but others took me up on the offer. Slowly that moved from a buddy to go with me to the museum to an actual friend. So back to your my opinion don't give up on offering a PBR to a neighbor.