Monday, October 31, 2011

I Only Befriend 25% of People

I got 2 very helpful comments regarding my post about making friends. The main point I got is that it needs to happen organically. I have no problem with that, except in my head. You see, when I am around a new person, my 12-year-old brain starts sweating, "You must like me." The important thing to remember is this is the 12-year-old brain. This is not me (or you) as an adult.

Adults know that not everyone is going to be a best friend. As my husband put it, "If I walk into a bar, 25% of people, I can't stand. 50% of people, I don't feel one way or the other about. 25%, I like and want to be friends." It may be a little early for math, but it seems to me that we can apply this equation to just about anyone.

So, if I only want to be friends with 25% of people I meet, why should I expect those with whom I come in contact to be any different. I can't. Maybe it's time, maybe I'm old enough, to quit worrying about what others think and start concentrating on what I believe and what I stand for

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