Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Let in a Little Space - Part 1

Today's blog is part of a series all about space - space to think, space to write in, space in your writing.

I spend a lot of time at my other job sitting around. While I'm sitting around, I'm irritated because I like to go all the time. Looking back on that time, however, I have noticed that this empty time creates space in my life for ideas to grow.

I think we have an American work ethic that goads us into filling up all of our free time with activities. If we would just slow down and create a little space, perhaps we wouldn't have so many issues (that's assuming you have issues, of course). We need time to think. And, more importantly, we need time to grow.

We need space in our schedules because we can appreciate singular moments better when we are not scurrying for project to project. We actually have time to breathe and think,"Hey! That's pretty fun. Think I'll do it again." And notice.

 I know most people don't have jobs that require them to take a time out, so it becomes our responsibility to take this task upon ourselves. Enjoy your time!

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  1. Your idea of making time to create space is the rationale underlying meditation---a concept embraced throughout the world. Stop and smell the roses! It seems a little strange to us Americans. Recall, we were founded on the Protestant work ethic. Work and drive are both very good, yet I believe we have to have balance and harmony. We need alignment between our work life and our personal life. It's called contentment. I'm not sure how what I've said ties into becoming a better writer??