Monday, July 11, 2011

Getting unstuck, or my writing quirk

I am a little quirky when it comes to writing. Pens and paper are essential. The keyboard is just an accessesory. I know alot of people, maybe even most people, write on computer now, but I think better on paper. Try it!
This idea came from my mom's best friend, a former english teacher. I was sitting at the computer, maybe thirteen-years-old, and completely blocked on a school essay. The paper on Cinderella (don't ask me why we were writing on a kid's story) was due the next day. I had nothing. Compulsive student that I was, I was in a panic. My mom's friend gently prodded me to close the laptop and get out some notebook paper. Lo and behold! The sentences I wrote were like candy, each more delectable than the last. The whole paper flowed that way. So, I became a convert. Now I can't write without my spiral and a quality pen.
Do you have a writing quirk or little ritual that helps?

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