Friday, July 8, 2011

more comments on the Artist's Way

Yesterday, I wrote about a trick in the book The Artist's Way called an artist's date. It's a time to enrich your creativity by being around something that inspires you. As I was talking my daily walk, I passed by a couple of 12-year-old boys playing tennis. As I watched them, I realized that sports are a great way to connect to creativity. Every movement is inspired from some place beyond the rational mind. Although we usually see sports as separate from art (think of how high school kids divide up into groups), sports can help us get in touch with our inner artist. The rhythm of movement, creating the next move, the joy of play - all are an art of their own. So, think about taking your next artist's date  - at the gym!


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  2. Mary, your blogs this month are so lyrical and your observations inspiring. I look forward to reading tomorrow's post! Thank you.