Wednesday, July 13, 2011

meditating on good writing

I have signed up for a meditation retreat this weekend. I am a little nervous because it is an all day affair, and I have never meditated this many consecutive hours in my life. For those of you who have not tried meditation, I highly recommend it. It is, however, difficult for some like me, who is always thinking and planning (and like some people out there, I suspect), to settle down and try to focus on the breath. If you are having a bad day or are stuck on a writing assignment or are even just curious, meditation can hold the key. I know some people will avoid it because it sounds too New-Agey, but actually, meditation has been practiced by thousands of years by thousands of people. Just find yourself a chair or cushion (you don't have to invest in anything fancy). Sit in erect posture, close your eyes, and focus on your breath. Don't worry if it is hard. Alot of people find it difficult. Just proceed without judging yourself and refocus on the breath every time you catch yourself wandering. I'll bet if you start to practice every day, you'll see positive changes in your mood, stress level, and, yes, your writing.

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