Tuesday, August 16, 2011

informal writing

Normally, I have a plan for what I am going to write on this blog. That is not the case today, as I decided to sit down and just write. I recommend doing this (writing freely) as often as possible if you want to become a better writer. The subconcious has ideas that connect with our true emotions and feelings, and there is no way to reach this tremendous power without giving yourself space to create. So, I endorse sitting down without a plan and just seeing what comes up for you.
This writing lesson can also be applied to a larger context. You can use it in your life. So often, we jam our lives with plans and schedules and expectations. Sometimes, it is beneficial to give ourselves some space and see where life takes us. For example, today I went to the new library to get a library card and left with a biography of Georgia O'Keefe and some cookbooks on Caribean food. I haven't even thought about Caribean food in weeks, but, somehow, it came up. All because I didn't force myself into a plan.
Try to make your life a little freer. Both your writing and your emotions will reflect the positive change.

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