Tuesday, August 9, 2011

response to the last post

Skye commented on my last post and said that she wanted me to explain Jack Kerouac's admonition to "accept loss forever" as an essential for writing good prose. I am sure I cannot speak for Kerouac, but I can speak for myself. I think accepting loss forever has a couple of meaning, each essential to clearing the mind in order to write universal truths. First, I think we could think about accepting that some losses are permanent. That ex of yours is long gone. Your grandmother who passes away is not coming back. This frees us from longing for the past, so we can see clearly in the present. And, as we have talked about before, the present is the only place to create heart-felt writing. Also, this quote reminds me that I need to accept that loss is a permanent part of this world. Everything is transitory. That's what gives writing it's power. It is a record of moments that have passed, until  the paper or microchip on which it is written dissolves back to earth. I don't know what Kerouac would make of this, but that's where I am.

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