Monday, August 29, 2011

Writing Down Your Happiness

I was wondering what I was going to write today. The writing is going smoothly, work is coming in, and the rest of my life seems to be taking care of itself. Now what?
This is a feeling familiar to most of us who write, that the most intense, creativity-enhancing emotions, are the negative ones - anger, sadness, jealousy, etc. (we writers are a dour bunch). What are we writing about if we are content? The answer I have is: I am not the person to ask.
But there is joyful productivity in happiness, as well. There are parades to watch, and lazy movie days reclining on the couch, and the sheer exuberance of watching the dog play in a lake. Our lives are lived, not from trouble to catastrophy, but breath by breath. Today I encourage you to find one joyful thing and write about it. Give the negativity a rest for a while.

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