Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Today's blog is inspired by my dog, Pigg. Pigg is a bull mastif/pit bull mix and is the sweetest of all dogs. Today, we went to the dog park, and he had a little trouble making friends. Pigg likes to jump and rough house when he plays with other dogs and not all of them like this. After several unsuccessful attempts, Pigg finally realized that if he relaxed and waited to see how the dog wanted to play, he made more friends.
The same concept applies to writing. The more uptight, and aggressively you stalk ideas, the more they will flit away. The trick is to remain calm and relaxed. if you can. Then, you can tune into the small voice of your inspiration and hear the universal stories that reside within each of us. So, take it easy and let the stories come to you!

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